Message mania: the incoming whatsapp novelties

WhatsApp is, nowadays, used by almost people all over the world, despite the initial difficulties. In 2009, in fact, the app’s “parents” encountered quite a few problems to launch it, economic and logistic ones. What matters, though, is that now it is an integral part of our lives. WhatsApp supersedes the average phone’s functions. We can text (and possibly delete what we’ve sent if we change our mind); send vocal notes, gifs, documents, images; call; video-call; insert status and stories. Long story short, it is the perfect synthesis of every technological achievement for telephony.

In the last nine years functionalities arrived at an increasing speed. Mark Zuckerberg himself, who purchased the app in 2014 for 19 billion dollars, did not let us all down on this. First of all the possibility of using whatsapp on laptops as well by simply scanning a QR Code on the computer’s screen with our phone to avoid unwanted break-ins. WhatsApp Web is the name and, in 2018, it celebrates its first 3 years of life. Despite the recent blizzard who striked Facebook’s dad, he indeed made our life easier.

The most recent updates

We’ve already mentioned the Status option, really similar to Instagram and Facebook’s stories. Its debut has been outmatched, this year, by the addition of the description for group chats and, shortly after, by group video-calls. Thanks to this new feature, it is now possible to interact with a maximum of other three people, you just have to start a video-call with a single contact and add the potential two after him.

These latest introductions are covered by end-to-end cryptography, too. It is essential for the user’s privacy because every message gets encrypted for third parties, even during the passage from the sender’s device to the receiver’s. Likewise, calls passing through the application’s server become completely incomprehensible to extern eyes.

The 3 most important arrivals

Now that we’ve looked at our past and present on WhatsApp, this is what awaits us in the future:

  1. The like button: just like on Facebook and Instagram, it will make the answer

   to a received text more immediate. The app tester Ilhan Pektas revealed the next

   arrival in an informal way on his Twitter account. We therefore don’t know when

   this will happen, but we should be ready.


  1. The vacation mode: it will permit to silentiate completely one or more chats

   of our choice, avoiding showing potential notifications of messages on it. It will be

   usable through the activation of the silent mode and the storage of the chat; it is

   reversible at any time in case of a change of mind.


  1. The dark mode: it will offer the option of a “Dark Background” already

   present on Youtube, Facebook Messenger and several smartphones’ settings. For

   this novelty, too, the launching date is not yet sure, but WABetaInfo, the official

  Twitter account for the distribution of WhatsApp news, promises its realization.


But it does not end here…

WhatsApp’s team does not rest, ever, since they came up with additional features for a more specific clientele: celebrities/influencers and companies. Regarding the former, in fact, it will be possible to obtain the verified contact, the most-wanted blue tick given to those with a considerable following. The number of contacts and their status quo will create the foundation for the evaluation of the candidates for the title.

For companies, instead, the update will distinguish between small and medium-sized firms and big ones. The most basic kind of the Business version will be free, while the enterprise Business one entails greater advantages according to a tariff that has still to be sorted out. Basically, this will guarantee the authenticity of the Name with which the consumer is interacting and it will increase the client’s assistance’s services.


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