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Help Santa Claus save Christmas from enemies that want to destroy it.

It is your turn to kill them!

Pay attention when downloading the game, you risk estranging yourself from the world and being completely absorbed by your new mission: save Christmas from imminent destruction! The attack has begun, hordes of enemies and terrible creatures leaded by Devil Clause are in the village, violent battles are taking place everywhere. Your mission is simple: save Christmas! The adventure starts now and it all depends on you: you are the last hope against the destruction of Christmas!

Xmasgeddon is a shoot-em-all game that will test your fighting skills in a Christmas-y atmosphere out of the ordinary! Santa Claus hands you a weapon: you have to help him save Christmas from Devil Clause and the evil beings who want to destroy him forever. It's up to you to kill them!Be the Christams hero!

MISSION: Your goal is to destroy all the enemies before they destroy Christmas. Going forward in the game the monsters will increase, but Santa Claus and his little helpers will give you the weapons to defend yourself from the attack. Defend Santa Claus, the village and yourself from the ferocious attack!

    Play absolutely free, you will have ammunition, weapons, coins.
  • Eye-view shooting
  • On-screen analog input
  • Hundreds of types of upgraded weapons of destruction (MORE ON NEXT UPDATE)
  • Any kind of weapon can be modified by expanding its basic features
  • Classification system based on performance
  • Stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on the screen
  • Your enemies’ dead bodies can disappear - wait to see what happens when you finish each wave!
  • Google Play aim and scoreboard (NEXT UPDATE)
  • Coins optional package for in-app purchase (NEXT UPDATE)
  • Useful gadgets, med-kits and more
  • Scoreboard (NEXT UPDATE)
  • User friendly control schemes