WEB MARKETING  – The digital world is very fast, sometimes too much to catch up with the latest innovations. What is brand new and original one day, it is already history the day after.

For this reason, from today Herotech opens the section dedicated to the latest weekly news regarding the web marketing. In this section we will weekly update you with the most popular trends on the social media, the latest customers’ preferences and the disruptive technologies/instruments in the marketing sector.

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Recent studies found out that the giant of the web Facebook is only the fourth most used social media by the US teenagers, after YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat. Some believe that the reduced access in Facebook is a direct consequence of the recent Cambridge Analytics scandal that has seen implicated Mark Zuckeiberg and its company.

However, many of the respondents were not able to explain the real reason why they prefer one social media rather than another, which makes easily believe that it might be only a current trend. Indeed, just reflect that it was sufficient a Kylie Jenner’s negative tweet to wipe out one billion of Snapchat market value. Trends are always on the move and perhaps Facebook will be back to the top.

On the other hand, Italy prefers way more Facebook rather than the other social networks, although the recent scandal. However, the most used app to chat between Italians is with no doubts WhatsApp.

YouTube is placed only third in the Italian rank, followed by Instagram, although recent findings recorded in the last months a boom of new users in the giant of the picture sharing. Instagram is likely to become the most popular Italian social media in the next future.


Since quite a bit it is possible to launch fund-raising campaigns on Facebook to promote several causes, both for personal or non-profit purposes. Now, Facebook has added two functions.

First, it is possible for famous brand web pages and VIP to personally support the causes of other organizations or to launch their own. This function was already tested by in the musicians Tegan and Sara’s campaign, aiming to help one hundred children participating at the summer camp lgbt organized by their foundation, in collaboration with Ally Coalition.

Second update, instead, gives the chance to add additional fund-raising managers, as it already happens when creating Events and Groups. In this way, it favors a greater diffusion of the adhesions.

web marketing


Already introduced since 2015 on Facebook and YouTube, now it seems that 360 degrees videos are becoming a new trend of the web marketing since they totally immerge the consumers into the product.

Together with the augmented reality, 360 videos are surely one of the best options to realize comprehensive advertisement campaigns.

These videos tend to be longer than the standard ones giving more space to more extended experiences. Moreover, it seems that the common saying, which reads third millennium’s consumers have a lower attention span than golden fishes’, is busted in the presence of relevant content.


What are the featured snippets?

They regard the placing of the research results on Google. The featured snippet is nothing more than the ideal condition to gain more attention from the public and the so-called position zero in the research results (thus, before even of the results in position 1).

In other words, featured snippets are not part of the classic list of results that comes out on Google, but they appear as a special frame, on the top of the page, that shows the link at position zero.

The purpose is to facilitate users’ life by highlighting the best, simplest and most immediate solutions to the questions posed. But also to highlight those links that better respect the new trends on the web.

In the latest times, the vocal research is largely used and preferred and also Google has started, thanks to the featured snippets, to silently encourage the passage from written to vocal research.

Obviously, this implies that all textual contents of advertisement campaigns and similar have to adapt to this new trend as well.